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Where Brilliance meets Guidance

Every student is different. That’s why we match our students with the ideal tutor to suit their needs.


Where Brilliance meets Guidance

Every student is different. That’s why we match our students with the ideal tutor to suit their needs.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3


Meet an Education Advisor

Every learning journey begins by setting goals with your personal Education Advisor so we can match your child with the right tutor.


Take a free trial lesson

We’ll invite you to join a free trial lesson with one of our top tutors so both you and your child can see how Canonical Tutors works, no obligations.


Customise your membership

Your Education Advisor will help you book a customised lesson package tailored to your child’s long-term learning needs.

Tutoring without the hassle

From scheduling lessons to organising payment – everything’s in one place.

Booking a lesson

Arrange tutoring at a time that suits you and your child best.


Rescheduling lessons is easily done with just a few clicks.

Tutor replacement

We always find a suitable replacement in the shortest possible time.

Quality control

UK tutors are DBS checked and go through a selective admissions process.


All major payment methods are accepted.


All your data is 100% secure with us.


Online learning

Affordable, quality tutoring when and where you want. Digital whiteboard, recording function, screen sharing and more.

Regular updates

We'll keep you informed with regular updates on your child's progress and development.

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Sarah Murphy
Sarah Murphy
My daughter has never liked maths, after joining canonical tuition she confident to try. She is working much harder with the encouragement and support from her tutor Manahil. My daughter enjoys math lessons so much more now. Thank you!
Tayyibah Ali
Tayyibah Ali
Extremely supportive platform, I'm always given alot of help with topics I struggle on and my grades have shown improvement. my tutor knows exactly how to explain things in a way that works best for me.
Nelly B
Nelly B
My tutor is very understanding, patient and encouraging. I have improved very quickly in Maths, and attribute this to her amazing tutelage
chris hagley
chris hagley
Very good teaching, clear explanations and friendly tutors.
Katie Chambers
Katie Chambers
My daughter has only been doing a few weeks, but has really helped with her confidence in maths lesson's at school. I was super thankful with the help setting it all up, (we had a problem with microphone on computer) nothing was to much trouble.
Cynthia Machokoto
Cynthia Machokoto
Having a science tutor has helped me a lot and now I’m able to work on what I need to revise on with my tutor
Katie Emberley
Katie Emberley
I am really happy with Canonical tutors thus far who have been supporting my daughter with her maths in preparation for SATS. It is really about confidence which is growing via the tutoring.

Questions and Answers About Canonical Tutors

Interested in a free trial lesson with a Canonical Tutor?

Canonical Tutors is the future of tutoring. Our vision is to help students reach their full potential and replace traditional (often unpopular) tutoring through innovative online teaching.
The offer is suitable for pupils and students of all ages who either need help with learning or want to reach their full potential with our support.
Tutors at Canonical Tutors are committed students and teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. Before tutors can offer online classes, they have to pass a thorough quality check.
Canonical Tutors wants to simplify learning and bring digitalisation into an outdated tutoring system. We help students with tailor-made tutoring in our virtual classroom.

We offer tutoring in all major school subjects. We are currently expanding our offering for university students as well. If you cannot see a subject you would like, please contact us.

Travel time and costs are eliminated. With the recording function, the lesson can be recorded and played back at any time. Short-term bookings and changes of tutors are possible thanks to the variety of tutors.

After the Free Trial Lesson we will agree a schedule for lessons with you so that both you and the tutor can commit to the same days and times each week. This builds routine and ensures consistency. You will then see the lessons booked in your calendar.

The costs per unit range from £21.99 to £30.49 depending on number of lessons. Our goal is to find the perfect model for everyone!

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